Joust Bungee Run

ITEM DESCRIPTION:  This 2-n-1 Interactive Inflatable Game will keep your guests entertained.

•Bungee Run: Each opponent has a harness on with a bungee cord attached and the end of the cord attached to the inflatable wall. Run as fast as you can, attempting to get your Velcro baton farther than your opponent before the bungee run cord pulls you back as you tumble and bounce.

•Jousting Game: Place the Jousting stools in the designated holes. Each opponent stands on a stool, holding a foam Jousting baton, and attempts to knock off the other player.


REQUIREMENTS: All inflatable rentals require a relatively flat surface, free of sticks, rocks, and animal waste prior to setup. This includes ensuring upward clearance for obstacles such as tree limbs, etc, that can damage units. Minimum of 10 feet clearance is needed .