Zorb Ball

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Giant inflatable human hamster ball. A Zorb Hamster Ball is a giant inflatable ball that is big enough for a person to fit inside. The clear inflatable ball is made of vinyl. They are heat-sealed, airtight, and extremely durable. Once inside, you can walk or run to roll the ball forward. Set up cones and it can be used as a race course. Reenact scenes from the popular television game show, “American Gladiators,” and embrace your competitive spirit. Players then use their hands and feet to move the ball and rotate it forward from the inside.


REQUIREMENTS: All inflatable rentals require a relatively flat surface, free of sticks, rocks, and animal waste prior to setup. This includes ensuring upward clearance for obstacles such as tree limbs, etc, that can damage units. Minimum of 10 feet clearance is needed .